Welcome to CD-Brand  brand bags agency, selling the one by one bags.handbags and purses.
Home >>> Welcome to CD-Brand brand bags agency, selling the one by one bags.handbags and purses.
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Shopping Guide
Ordering / Delivery
Note Information
Sales Service
Opening Hours
Working Hour 9:00~18:30
*Offer you 7 x 10 services hours
*Support 24 hours order payment

When your order successed our warehouse will confirm goods information. After confirming, we will email to your mailbox. You can transfer payment according to the account number in email. Our shop manager will check payment and arrange delivery within 3 days. When transfer payment, please input your account order number and your name in order to make sure.If the amount of your order is 199RMB, please transfer 199.16RMB for confirming.

Repeat Order
If you are very satisfied with our goods and want to order more in once, please don’t input the same delivery address. Due to we are top copy which will be investigated by customs, to guarantee your benefit we suggest that you can depart in different orders when you buy in quantities.
Stock Confirmation
After ordering goods, if has been sold out, we will reproduce so that will hold on 4-7 days to issue.
If out of stock, we will email you, you can choose a refund or replacement the goods with the same price.

Return Way
We sell the highest quality goods. If the goods you get is not the one you want, you can contact with our sites to apply for return ( our manager will email you the delivery address). You need to make sure that goods has no damage and good package, only under this situation we will return goods payment within 7 days.

Express and Delivery
For getting goods more convenient and faster, all goods are sent by EMS. To make sure the goods you get is the best, we use the highest quality of packing. International express delivery time usually need 5-7 days to arrive. For some copies will be investigated by customs, if investigated we will reissue goods or refund to you within 7 days.
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